The Myths About Condoms

Condoms are considered very safe in avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, you need to buy condoms from our website. There are some myths that you often hear about condoms. Among others:

– Married couples do not need condoms

You may be infected with an infectious disease rather than a partner as a carrier of the virus. The viruses could be scattered from the public space. At the same time, the herpes virus appears, passively present in every orgasm you feel.

– Sex without condoms = healthier

For some women, having unprotected sex can treat depression in women. But for unwanted pregnancies, or preventing sexually transmitted diseases, using condoms is definitely healthier.

– Using a condom is painful

Condoms are coated with silicone or lubricants of aqueous materials, thereby reducing pain during use. If when the condom is used even cause pain, consult a doctor immediately.

– Using condoms with cream or gel
Condoms have been designed with water-based lubricants that do not endanger the health of your reproductive apparatus. So, never try with cream, because it can cause itching, burning or allergies. It can even cause damaging effects of rubber.

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