How to make your own solar panel at home

Solar energy is a lot more in abundance compared to other sources of power in our environment. So that’s why it can be a good idea for you to know how to make your own solar system for your own house. However, it’s also a good choice for you to consider to use the professionally installed 5kw solar systems for the better quality of power in your house.

1. We start with the calculations first. What is the need for the total amount of load at home that will use power from solar panels? From the electricity bill, you can see the level of consumption in the form of kWh (kilowatt per hour) every month for example. Well from there we can identify how many kWh needed each day, for example, 200 watts.

2 The next question is: How long will the total 200-watt load be turned on using the solar panel system? We can take for example 12 hours. If 12 hours, the total load power consumption in a day is 12 x 200 kWh = 2,400 watts.

3 Surely more advantaged if the load using solar panels is turned on at night. In this way, the battery usage is relatively not heavy and it is possible that the number of batteries can also be reduced in number because the electricity supplied not only by the battery but the sun still gives the supply.

Let us take the example of using solar panel system is at 18.00 s / d 06.00 (12 hours).

4 Well, now we calculate how much and the number of batteries needed to supply a total load of 2,400 watts:

The total number of 2,400 watts needs to be added to about 20% which is the electricity used by devices other than solar panels, ie inverters as DC current converters (direct) into AC (back and forth) (as most household appliances use AC current), and the controller (as a current regulator) which closes the current to the battery when the voltage is excessive in the battery and discharges the current from the battery if the battery is almost empty.

So if it is added 20%, then the total power required is 2,400 x (2,400 x 20%) = 2,880 watts.

5 Of the 2880 watts, if divided by 12 V (common voltage owned by the battery) then the required current strength is 240 Ampere. So, if we use a battery of 65 Ah 12 V, then we need 4 batteries (65 x 12 x 4 = 3.120 watts).

6 By getting this 3.120 watts, we will get the number of panels that we need, including the magnitude that is as follows. If using a panel size of 100 wp (peak watt), then in a day this panel more or less produce 100wp x 5 (hours) = 500 watts.

As for 5 hours obtained from the average effectiveness of sunlight shining time in tropical countries like Indonesia, and 5 hours has become a kind of calculation of the formula of sunlight effectiveness absorbed by solar panels. So if 1 panel is 100 wp able to provide 500 watts of electricity, obtained a total required panel is a number of 3120 watts / 500 watts = 7 panels (well we are more).

7 Well, we are now able to get a combination of the number of solar panels and batteries to supply electricity totaling 3,120 watts that are lit for 12 hours a day where the loads that use it are lit at night between 18.00 to 06.00 ie: 7 SOLAR PANELS 100 WP AND 4 BATTERIES 65Ah 12 V.