How to Faster the Wi-Fi Connection?

Surely there are some of you who still use a slow internet connection. Well before you blame your provider, its good you check your Wi-Fi. Could be the cause of your internet to be slow is a Wi-Fi device or software that you use. Regardless, to get paket internet murah, you must collect as much information as possible before deciding to utilize the provider.

Therefore here are some ways to speed up the connection to your Wi-Fi that you can do yourself at home!

1. Perform your Internet Speed Test
Before stepping on how to speed up the connection of your Wi-Fi on your laptop, you can first test your internet speed.
The simplest and most commonly used way is towards free speed test sites. Then check your internet speed.

2. Choosing the Right Channel
One of the problems that are also often encountered related to the slow Wi-Fi connection is a channel selection error. Wi-Fi signal runs through “canals” in the open space.
Imagine if in one channel there are various kinds of signals that run. This will cause the signal to overlap and may interfere with each other. In the end, there will be data loss and the signal must be rebroadcast, which will manifest as a decrease in your internet speed.