Besides Korea and Thailand, Where Else is the Best Plastic Surgery Place?

Who is the woman who does not want to look beautiful? All of the ways will be done by women in order to look more attractive, even some willing to undergo extreme procedures such as plastic surgery. In some countries, plastic surgery has become more common. Many people come to these countries to beautify their face and body, the average result is quite satisfactory. Therefore, here are some place recommendations for plastic surgery:

1. South Korea
It’s no secret that South Korean women and men look beautiful and handsome because of the help of plastic surgeons. On average perform plastic surgery to create a fold on the eyelid, minimize the jaw, shrink the nose and there is little that enlarge the breast. A study in 2009 showed that one in five women living in Seoul had plastic surgery. There’s even a reality show featuring ‘poorly-faced’ women who get a free plastic surgery named ‘Let Me In.’

2. India
Besides of the famous fashion clothing and all of the attractiveness of the Bollywood stars, India is also one of the recommended countries if you want to do plastic surgery. One of the best hospital in bangalore India has proven that its plastic surgery results are recognized in the world. With a skilled medical professional and a professional plastic surgeon will guarantee your face to be as beautiful as bollywood stars.

3. Thailand
Thailand, especially Bangkok now establishes itself as a medical and beauty tourist destination, in addition to shopping paradise. The quality of his plastic surgeon is quite famous and reliable, even able to change the look of transgender men to be very similar to women. Plastic surgery in Thailand is also known for its quite affordable price. So do not be surprised if this beauty procedure is so popular. Within a year, there are about 55,642 cases of plastic surgery and on average to nose and lipoplasty (removal of fat from skin tissue using sound wave frequency).