These Tips Make Your Cell Phone Battery Durable

The battery becomes the most important component of a mobile device like a mobile phone. Generally, the latest phones consume considerable power. Taken from various sources, there are several ways that users can do to optimize the battery life of mobile phones. Vibration mode can consume more battery life than ringtone mode. Turn off the vibration mode to keep your battery power saving and not wasted. Although live wallpaper makes the user’s mobile phone screen look attractive, apparently these features can drain the battery larger. To make the battery last longer, users are advised to use static wallpaper so as not for excessive battery sucking. The brightness of the phone screen should be set to not consume much battery power. The brighter the screen, the greater the power to be issued, especially when the user uses Full HD or Quad HD resolution. Users can also apply manual settings and position the brightness of the dim screen as optimally as possible. Most people will feel annoyed when their cell phone batteries run out quickly, especially if they are at important events such as company gatherings or meetings with their colleagues and they run out of phone battery power, this can not be allowed. Therefore we provide phone charging station rentals for events for you that you can enjoy when you are anywhere without having to worry if your battery quickly wasteful.

Are there other causes? There is! First, the use of brightly colored wallpaper, or moving wallpaper, also consumes more battery power. Not only that, widgets on the home screen also consume battery power low. Therefore, we recommend using a dark static wallpaper and removing non-essential widgets. Use of third-party applications like Greenify can also be an alternative solution. Greenify has the function of setting apps into hibernation mode when the app is not used. This obviously prevents the application of activity in the background process, so the battery power becomes more efficient. Shorten Standby Time; users can set the phone to turn off the screen in quick time. Users can shorten the time-out or standby time by choosing 15 seconds.