Violence against Women: Culture Issues and Perspectives

No matter what women’s profession, what clothing to use, vulnerability still continues to haunt women. And everyone is entitled to a sense of security. Rape and violence against women do not occur only in public transport. At the office, on the streets, on campus, even at home, rape can happen. Not only rape, other types of violence against women, physical, psychological, economic, and sexual also often occur. The amount of violence against women that occurs, certainly shows us that this issue is not solely about the crime of the perpetrator. But there is something wrong in our way of thinking. There is something wrong in the paradigm of society, even culture. Such misunderstandings are evidently evidenced by some of our public officials’ kilometer in relation to cases of violence. During this time women are given the burden to keep himself. How to dress is arranged, how to behave must be so, this way of talking should not be it, and so forth. Whereas the majority, even nearly 100% of perpetrators of rape is male. Men should be taught to respect women, and should not commit rape for any reason. When you are arrested for a suspect raping a girl like you are innocent, it is time to use the services of bail bonds fort Lauderdale.

It’s basically a public secret to you about legal bonds or guarantees for those arrested. As such, they often ask the same questions about warranties, bonding processes, how to contact a security agent and associated costs. How does bail bonds fort Lauderdale work? A security agent will need information to contact your prison to get a bail number. The security agent will send you a bond-guarantee letter and determine how much money to send the guarantee. In the case of rape, for example, another example is how women react when she becomes a victim. How many women are sexually abused in public transport is reluctant to shout, because of shame. Or how many women were the victims of rape, instead of reporting to the police station, instead of going home, bathing, silencing themselves, and most severely feeling disdainful?