Things to Look For When Your Home In No Cold Air Conditioner

If you have a terraced house with rooms upstairs and less cold air conditioning, then surely it happens because of the heat of the roof that goes down directly to the second-floor room. In addition, note also whether the position of the room or window directly facing to the West and East, where rising and sunset. If you have the position of the room as above then the air temperature will feel hotter and this is what makes the air from the AC does not feel cold. AC installation and maintenance problems If the AC condition is still prime but the air produced is less cold, there may be a leak in the pipe or during initial installation. Remember, the components that must be considered is not AC alone, but also the pipe on indoor and outdoor units. Sometimes the air-conditioning pipe must be bent here and there to fit the wall or wall. Be careful, if installed carelessly, the pipe can be cracked so that it can not be detected directly. Next thing, the pipe leak is getting wider until the air conditioner is not cold anymore. For a perfect installation for your air conditioner, you can use our services as an aircon service.

Regular maintenance of air conditioning can make the AC longer, use a professional AC maintenance service, Do not be careless. Ask for thorough checks including AC pipe and not just in AC filters only.