The Use of Spare Tire for a Car

In purpose of the spare tire, this tire is only used to cover the distance until the repair shop for car tires that it is not to be used continuously. After that, as the owner of the car, you can dislodge and place again spare tire in position. You should also not forget to use a cover when storing the spare tire as the cover will work as the protection for the tire from anything that can damage it, such as water and dust. As an example, if your car is a 4×4 car and has a regular sized spare tire, then you can use a 4×4 spare wheel cover.

This spare tire is like a helper when needed. However, the existence of these spare tires sometimes does not pay attention. Sometimes when it is needed, the tire is scalded. A spare tire can go down the road and replace one of the main tires when the tires rotate according to the instructions in the vehicle manual. Perform a tire rotation every 10,000 km for the life of the tires to be more durable because of tire wear will be evenly distributed. However, the life of the tire is determined by the age of the tire according to the tire production date, usually three years. If more than three years from the date of production listed on the tire it must be replaced. Likewise mileage, for long mileage, even though young age, then still must be replaced because it is thinning and has become bald.

The spare tire is also required to be treated so that when used in accordance with its function is to always stand by and be ready to replace the main tire that suffered damage such as tire rupture. When washing the car, the absorbent tire must be cleaned of dirt and measured pressure, if reduced add the wind to tire pressure in accordance with the specifications of vehicles and tires used.