Learn hard at seminary schools

You will also attend various retreats, conferences, and workshops as part of your training routine. You will be guided in terms of meditation and solitude and given sufficient time to hone your speaking skills in public. The last “test” whether you have a call to be a Father or not is a bishop’s call. If the bishop does not call you to join the Order, you have no call to be Father how to become an ordained minister. As long as you do not give Uksup a reason for you not being a Father, you should be getting that call. Take your oath and you succeed in becoming Father! If you still have questions about how to become an ordained minister, it helps you to visit our website because we also serve guidance online.

If you have completed 8 years of seminary education, you will undergo a Pastoral Orientation Year for the last 1 or 2 years before you are ordained a Father. Live this, and you can already be said to be a Father. The bishop’s decision to call you Father is definitive. If you were not chosen to be a Father or you left the seminary before it was completed, you could be responsible, you could not, at the expense of your seminary education. Prospective Romo out of seminary can request a release from their tuition fees depending on their financial condition.

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