Exercise movements for building six-pack muscles

Exercise for obliques and transverses abdominis muscles can be important for making six-pack muscles. To get the perfect abdominal muscles, should exercise sixpack muscles are also accompanied by muscle training obliques and transverses abdominis. Russian twist, side raise, and lateral leg lowering are common types of movement to train obliques muscles. While thin tummy is a movement to train transverses abdominis muscle. Meanwhile, you may also need to consume an effective muscle growth supplement like Trenerol to support the process of your muscle training.

1. Russian Twist

 Sit on the floor with knees bent and not touching the floor
Lift the body up to form a V with thighs
Combine both palms and pull straight until perpendicular to the body (may also if you want to carry the load)
Move body to right or left and hold for a few seconds

2. Side Raise

Lie on your back on the floor with both knees tied together and bent 90 degrees
Drop both knees to one side (right or left) with shoulder and back position that stay straight and stick to the floor
Cross your arms over your shoulders
Raise your body and move your shoulder to the opposite direction of the foot

3. Lateral Leg Lowering

Lie on the floor, with both legs straight up and the arms 90 degrees from the body (spread out to the side)
Move both feet in one direction than in the opposite direction, stop before the feet touch the floor.
Keep the head and upper body not touching the floor

4. Thin Tummy

Lie on your back on the floor with bent knees
Place both hands under the belt position with the fingers facing down and the thumb in the upper abdominal region (so we can feel the muscle contraction that occurs in the lower abdominal).
Tighten your lower abdominal muscles
Lift one leg with the knee bent so that the thigh and abdomen make a 90-degree angle as well as between the calf and thigh. Take turns between the right and left legs.

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