Disney Land Castles Are Bouncing!

Disneyland has always been called the happiest place. The fairy tale country you can feel from the entrance gate. The fantasy of fairy-tale country from childhood, it felt instantly realized. Especially when directly see the Disneyland icon which is a magnificent palace for the princess. But if you have not had time to come to Disneyland land, your child can also see even jump in the castle Disney princess. You can find it in Bouncy Castle Hire Limerick , besides can see big balloon of Disney princes’s castle, your child can also freely jumping in it. The exclamation is not it?

But if you plan to see the castle directly, here are some castles in Disney land!

Disney Castle Anaheim in California, the First Princess’s Palace in the World
Disneyland Anaheim is the first established Disneyland castle in the world. The playground was first created on the many requests of Disney fans that were eager to visit Walt Disney studios to meet their favorite Disney characters. As the first icon, Disney Anaheim castle was made by taking the structure of the Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria. The height of the Disney Anaheim castle reaches 23 m. The castle is themed Sleeping Beauty castle, wherein it displays the story of sleeping beauty and various ornaments from the film.

Disney Castle in Hong Kong, Disneyland Castle of Asia
Disneyland Hong Kong was inaugurated in 2005. It is the second Disneyland built in Asia. The icon from Disneyland Hong Kong is more or less a replica of the Disneyland castle in Anaheim. With a height that also reached 23 m, Disneyland Hong Kong is also a sleeping beauty castle. Not much can be explored from within the Hong Kong Disney castle. Because in addition to the castle is not so big, this castle was just a gate into the area fantasyland. So the visitors can take pictures in front of the castle.

Disney Castle in Paris, Palace for Sleeping Beauty Fans
Same with Disney castle in Anaheim and Hong Kong, Disneyland Paris castle is also themed sleeping beauty. When entering the castle, there are windows that are composed of glass that tells the storyline of sleeping beauty. This Disneyland Paris castle is twice the size of the other two sleeping beauty castles, reaching 50 m. Another difference to this castle is the colors of the walls are pink and blue. This is because the color of the sky in Paris is likely to be gray, so it will be more brightly photographed if the Disneyland Paris castle more cheerful colors.

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