3 Types of External Auto Flash in Affordable Prices!

Flash is one of the supporting accessories in photography. And every photographer admits that external flash is one of the must-have accessories that must be owned. Therefore, buy Nikon flash is an important thing to do to get the perfect photography.

Given the varied results of each type of external flash, therefore there are several types of flash provided by nikon in accordance with their respective functions. As your consideration to buy auto external flash from nikon, here are some recommendations!

Nikon SB-600
SB-600 flash is light, simple, and its size is also not too large. The drawback is that GN is not too big and cannot be master slave. For daily use, this flash is quite adequate. Just use TTL mode, simple.

Nikon SB-700
This series is an improvement from previous products. Flash is nice and very recommended.

Nikon SB-800, SB-900, SB-910
This is the Nikon flash flagship product line.

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